35 years of Zing

Zing Products has been designing and manufacturing quality fishing tackle for over 35 years. Our long-standing reputation has been built around our signature products such as the Zingamajigs, Amazing Worms, Letubes and Magnum Umbrella Rigs.

Year after year, recreational and commercial saltwater anglers along with charter boat captains, have depended on our terminal tackle for fishing Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cod, Flounder, Scup and all forms of bottom fish. As our customers have told us, our proven Zing Leaders and Bait Leaders are a staple in most anglers’ tackle box.

How about Offshore? We one of the original manufacturers of Umbrella Rigs, Dredges and Offshore Spreader Bars and are still producing these with the same hand made touch today. Visit the Products page to see how many products Zing can provide your tackle shop. If you’re an angler on the search to replace some of your Zing Products, visit the Tackle Shops page of professional, friendly retailers.